Venice by Water


Ten basic and simple lagoon rules that will make your experience unforgettable and pleasant.

Remember that Venice canals are equivalent to your hometown roads, locals go about their business in the exact same way as people do elsewhere;
therefore you are kindly asked to respect Venice’s water-traffic regulations.
Before each tour the Kayak Rental Venice By Water will give you more specific instructions.  In the meanwhile, you can check them out by yourself!


Always ride alongside your instructor, never ahead of him.


Never try to pass other boats you will meet along the way


Don’t get in the way of other boats


Keep left in small canals


Give priority to all the boats you will meet on your route and keep a safe distance


Slow down to a stop at all intersections


Call out loudly as you turn a corner to advise other boats about your presence


The wearing of a life jacket at all times is obligatory


The Under18 must go with an accompanying adult


Respect the city and its locals

Last rule ... ENJOY!


Do I get wet?

Usually yes but it’s all in good fun!. So, no worries!

How should I dress?

As sporty as possible with sneakers.  Windbreaker is ideal.

Are there any lockers with locks at the boatyard?

Yes, there are, and we suggest you change into your kayaking clothes at the boat yard and leave your city clothes in the lockers.
Note: The lockers are not under surveillance

Are there changing rooms at the boatyard?

Yes there are – you can change in privacy.

Should I leave my passport, valuables at the hotel?

It is preferable to leave them in the hotel, unless you are paying for your outing in cash at the rental office. Once there, we’ll ask you to show your identity card or passport when paying.

Can I rent equipment directly at the boatyard? 

Yes. sneakers, t-shirts, sweat shirts, windbreakers, waterproof pants are available depending on sizes and availability.

Can I go out without an accompanying instructor?  

No, an instructor is mandatory. All outings are accompanied by a local guide in a separate boat.

I am a swimming olympic master. Can I go without lifejacket?

No. We provide you with lifejacket and it is mandatory.

What kind of kayaks do you have?

Our kayaks are custom-made and are outfitted with foot pedals as an alternative to paddling. The paddling is considered a non-strenuous exercise and can be done by healthy persons of all ages. The length of each kayak used for these outings is about 4 ½ metre. Each kayak seats 2 persons.

I changed my mind after booking. What can I do?

Check out the Cancellation Policy here.